Hypnosis heuristics

Since Milton Erickson was giving way to hypnosis which gave its name,

they spent many years during which he practiced classical hypnosis, as any of the time, but his personal experience with the disease allowed him to understand that there were other types of techniques in hypnosis, and so did, getting practice one more friendly hypnosis with the patient.

Up to 1980 I used in my practice of psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnosis with trance formal, until I discovered the ericksonian hypnosis when I did my master's degree in programming nuerolinguistica, from that moment changed my way of therapeutic intervention.

And through the years, I started to realize that the patients suffered by certain behaviors that I called systemic schedules caused by systemic hypnosis received since childhood.

Before this check performed with hundreds of patients, I started to investigate on the strategies of the individual in the resolution of conflicts and situation limits. For example; How do some people out of a tremendous depression without any treatment? or how the other person exceeded also single panic syndrome? In another case, how had he achieved survive three days outdoors with an intense cold of-1 C?

Talking with them they told me that happened something strange; that a question had been made, and that after that, they noticed an improvement which had gradually made them get out of that State of negative.

The questions that had been made were of the most varied and I did not have a therapeutic reason, but had worked.

In my search on the human behavior and self conflict resolution strategies found a study from Stanford University on "heuristic" that caught my attention, when I was studying psychology in psychoanalysis, everything had a response and that road were all, however we now know that the psychoanalysis also has its shortcomings.

Aided by these studies and concepts, I was developing a protocol which motivate changes in the patient, taking advantage of me its systemic programming and the result was something extremely interesting. The response was much more powerful and effective.

So and with intent to differentiate me from what is known, but while other schools, rating I slowly introduced programming and heuristics deprogramming in the formation which makes the International Academy of Clinical Hypnosis

Milton Erickson already told him the unconscious patient's mind knows what happens, only that hides it.

And I say that in addition if we use systemic programming acquired during his lifetime We do a deprogramming faster, more effective and ecological, that you can practice any person trained in HH.

The good thing of heuristic hypnosis is that we can be used not only in the clinic but in business with the same effectiveness.

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