The technical call of Opto-stimulation-Neuronal - OEN- integrated method of Neuro-reconstruction-emotional - NRE-

the first suits neurophysiology removal of symptoms and the second derivative of the technique of associated interference developed years ago and mentioned in the book Symbolic analogyused to cause rapid hypnosis.

The - NRE-Neuro-reconstruction-emotional

It is rooted in the neuronal disconnection by means of body movements and directed suggestion modified States of conduct. In this technique I use rubber or glass balls that they help to channel the emotions by mixed heuristic or suggestive language. There is a strict basic protocol to be followed (later leave)

The OEN Opto neural stimulation

This technique relies on an action of stimulation of the optic nerve by photons from a light source, a set opto Stimulator, following a protocol time and colors that allow to modify interfere and disconnect the neural packages where the memory is storedmodifying the shape internally represent emotions and feelings, allowing free sensory and emotional charge linked to the traumatic event, in a few minutes.

Where do I use it?

In patients with posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety or even depression, your brain is not capable of learning that what once was dangerous because it is not, and they are still responding exaggerated, people who have lived through wars, accidents, violations or natural disasters are still feeling fear and stress Once past the danger. With the therapy of NRE is radically changes the neuronal processes in few minutes or photo stimulation sessions.

This is not a trick or something magical, It has a scientific foundation that goes beyond the mere anecdote. I'm not a neuroscientist but as well as the first teachers of Psychology they initially gathered empirical data, in my case it has been thus since 2008 and can assure that the results have been excellent.

Why I say that it has scientific basis? Because at the time that I started writing the book about these techniques I developed (year 2014) I find information, that gives me more certainty about the proper orientation of my hypothesis.

At the University of California, the Kazumasa Tanaka and Brian Wiltgen, neuroscientists It has conducted a study where tested in addition to the theory that says that: If one of the parts of the brain fails to retrieve a particular memory, it is impossible to revert to emerge.

Ensure that he is finding of more progress that has occurred in the field of the genetic Opto technique for manipulation and study of nerve cells through the use of light. Using this technique it has got delete the memories using beams of light in the brains of mice, using electrodes that light stimulates neural packages.

In short now more that ever I am sure that of the Opto stimulation Nueronal I use would be acting by those parameters but a more natural shape and non-invasive, since the excitation of the retina and optic nerve stimulation associated with the guidelines that I am patient, produce the deactivation of a traumatic memory or obsessive behavior.

Since 2008 treatment and my patients this technique with excellent result.

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