Origin of the method

In 2008 I started to create and develop what it initially called as - today we call it hypnosis heuristics "Heuristic programming method"

inspired by studies on heuristics of Stanford University in the U.S.

With over 35 years of experience in practice and training courses and coaching sessions, I was experimenting with the new technique and realized it was as easy and handy for anyone using verbal communication, enterprises, psychologists, physicians or therapists may practice this persuasive and behavior-change method even without having previously studied no hypnotic technique.

  • In psychology the heuristic relates to creativity and decision making that come to trial or solve a problem

That is the method of heuristic programming based on?

Mainly in the programming that We bring in our genes and to develop our mental capacity and how to interact with others.

To that we add the programming inadvertently received from our childhood and what we learn during the life.

The therapist or Communicator using her skill at conversation, believes using a language completely ambiguous and based on a list of verbs and words of the Method of scheduling heuristic, get that patient or person's gradually enters a State of lucid hypnosis o deep depending on the need.

Never use direct orders, but a pattern of heuristic persuasive language infallible supported the individual's own programming.

It is nice to see my students in courses as they react to the discovery of this new form of foolproof communication.

Safely say that there is a before and an after being trained in the "method of programming heuristics", many times when you read this name are wondering what will this be? and I say that heuristics comes from the Greek word "εὑρίσκειν" and is related to the Greek word "Eureka" from the Greek "I invented it" "found"

The most interesting of the heuristic programming is that the process of change or healing occurs in an incredibly effective way and where the coach or therapist with heuristic language It is the key factor.

People who experience the MPH, usually comment that does not understand how after attending the sessions, day by day are answers to their problems and bypass them with ease, when they were previously anchored in them.

Through the "heuristics programming" can perform: commercial training, personal training to overcome conflicts, change beliefs, hipno-analysis and regression of age, the time warp, treat any psychosomatic disorder Addictions, thinning, tabaquismo.miedos phobias etc.

It is a powerful tool that is not in conflict or interfere with any other technique change or psychotherapy, Moreover, they may be associated.

Training in "Heuristics programming" can do a monographic course, either you can learn it within the Master in Clinical Hypnosis of AIHCE

Copyright 2009 J. C. Naranjo Alcega